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25" Guan-Gong Ceramic Figurine Statue Ancient Chinese Warrior Ma

- Shiwan Ceramic Masterpieces

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Product Description

25" Guan-Gong Ceramic Figurine Statue Ancient Chinese Warrior Ma

 Guan-Gong Chinese Ceramic / Porcelain Figurine Statue

Ancient Chinese Famous Warrior Black Dragon Guan-Yu Guarding

"Limited Edition Masterpiece" Solid Huge Size 25"x 14"x 8"inches

"Black Dragon"(dates back to AD 162). A Stunning Impressive Collection Of Masterpiece Sculpture !!! Accompanying The Artist's Certificate Of Authentication. A Really Inspirational Master Piece !! One and only One !! If you are a great collector of "Guan Yu / Gong" (Black Dragon), this marvelous master piece is a must for your particular consideration !!! This is the most famous and respected General, Warrior in Ancient China. In battles, with a famous and unique weapon called the "Black Dragon"- a great blade mounted on a long handle - that never leaves his side, he invariably dominated the field as the most powerful, most skillful and most courageous warrior.

This limited collectible sculpture figurine is guaranteed hand crafted by an international famous rewarded master artist "Sin Yausing" and the carving work is carried out with scrupulous attention to detail, lively and not some of those being molded. Just look at the delicate quality of its solid carving or its high relief and fine facial features, you might distinguish it an impressive art piece!!

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  • Model: MS1075
  • Shipping Weight: 15kgs
  • Materials: Ceramics
  • Origin: Shiwan, China
  • Master Artist: Sin Yausing
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    64 x 36 x 21 (cm) / 25.20"x 14.17" x 8.27"

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