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Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Statues - Porcelain & Ceramics

Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Statues
Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Statues

Dragons - The Mythic Symbol of Luck and Fortune

Celebrate over 2000 years of Chinese folklore history with our exclusively handcrafted dragon and lion dance statues.

Meticulously hand carved and painted in the ceramic heaven town of Shiwan, these powerful symbols of strength and luck were once the illustrious insignia of the Emperor of China.

One of the proudest and most recognised creatures from Asian mythology, the Chinese dragon is said to possess supernatural powers - these colourful beasts can fly, have control over water and weather, and bring good fortune to those who are worthy.

Our master artists have truly brought these magnificent entities to life; the unique, vibrant porcelain sculptures are guaranteed to add colour and intrigue to your home - and they might just invite some luck, too.

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Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Statues

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