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Handcrafting Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain in Shiwan, China

The Chinese has a long ceramic production history dating back to thousands of years ago. The most famous Chinese ceramic town, Shiwan, accounts a for approximately 40% of China's ceramic production and around 25% of the world's capacity.

Shiwan Ceramics, world famous Chinese Ceramic Capital, central to production of collectibles, delicate Chinese ceramic figurines, traditional Chinese ceramic sculptures, large ceramic statues, even ceramic tiles.

An historical perspective has a poetic appreciation of "Shiwan ceramic tile, Chinese ceramic sculpture, the best in the world". The surviving dragon kiln in Shiwan city symbolizes the outstanding technique of Shiwan ceramics and Chinese pottery.

Most of the Ceramic Sculptures and Ceramic Figurines created there have been being collected in the national museum and by collectors all over the world. Shiwan Chinese Ceramic Figurines and Ceramic Sculptures is nowadays a popular idea for special gifts, Chinese collectibles and as home decor figurines.

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