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Dipinte a mano cinese porcellana - Porcellana & Ceramica

Dipinte a mano cinese porcellana
Dipinte a mano cinese porcellana

Chinese Porcelain Vases and Ceramic Vases, Porcelain Pots, Ceramic Pots

All hand-painted exclusive Jingdezhen Ware from

Premium Quaity High-Fire Decoration Glazes, Exquisite National Master Artist work.

Jingdezhen, the birth-place of the country's porcelain, and the inspiration of the history of world's porcelain.

Porcelain originated in China and its earliest form called porcelaneous has been traced back 3.500 years to the Shang dynasty. What we know today as Chinese porcelain dates from about 2,000 years ago. It is characterised by thinness, high glaze and vibrant colours.

Even though Europeans discovered how to make it around 1770, nothing ever compared with original Chinese porcelain. It has a timeless quality and beauty that is unsurpassed. Our craftsmen and artists still use many of the ancient techniques. They are truly objects d’art.

Dipinte a mano cinese porcellana

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