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Oriental Porcelain Lady Figurines - Ceramika & Porcelana

Oriental Porcelain Lady Figurines
Xia - ShanXi - 2070-1600 B.C
Tang - Xi'An - 618-907 A.D.
Qing - Beijing - 1644-1911 A.D.
Oriental Porcelain Lady Figurines

Shiwan Chinese Ceramic Figurines and Sculpture Statues - Ceramic Ladies

Featuring Traditional Chinese Ladies and Concubines from Imperial China. A wide variety of clothing styles and culture of different dynasties. Shiwan Ceramic Chinese Lady Figurines by National Artists from Shiwan, China. (aka Porcelain Ladies / Porcelain Lady Figurines) .

Shiwan Ceramics is considered as the best ceramic production in China, and accounts for over 40% of the Chinese production. The delicate sculpting artwork of Shiwan ceramic figurines is famous all over the world among collectors. More Info:

Oriental Porcelain Lady Figurines

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