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Soluções Económicas de Comércio Electrónico


Payment Methods

Online Payment

( Credit card or Checking account )

Since we process credit card payments by the payment gateway PayPal, we do not collect your credit numbers or any of your financial details. PayPal will be responsible for the payment processing process.

PayPal / Credit Card - a widely accepted global online payment system

The also fastest and easiest way is secure electronic payment online with PayPal. After adding your desired products to your Shopping Cart, click Checkout. You will be guided throughout the whole checkout process to finish your shopping. In the Checkout section, you will be able to enter your Shipping Address and to choose your Payment Method - PayPal / Credit Card. After confirming the order, you will enter our strategic partner's (PayPal) payment processing page to settle the payment.

You will receive a confirmation email from us after confirming the order, indicating that your payment have been received by us. Then you may sit at home and have your desired products delivered right in front of your door!

For more details about our strategic payment processing partner PayPal, please visit

PayPal Verified Partner -

If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to Contacte-nos at any time.

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